What Sets Us Apart

Every Child Deserves a Happy and Healthy Smile!

You want the best for your child: a happy life, success in all they set out to do, a healthy body and mind, and a beautiful smile they love to share.

At Children’s Dental Care, we want the same!

Dr. Brent, Dr. AmyDr. Matt, Dr. Ann and Dr. Mackensie are compassionate, gentle pediatric dentists. Along with our orthodontist Dr. Wild, they and the team work closely with parents and each child to ensure positive dental experiences that lead to a lifetime of healthy smiles.

If you’re searching for a dental home for your little one — whether he or she is an infant, child, teen, or has special needs — we’re ready to welcome your youngster and you with genuine smiles!

Why Choose Children’s Dental Care?

  • We offer a safe, nurturing space where every child is known by name. Rather than expecting children to act like a small adult, we adapt to who they are and figure out how best to earn their trust, with infinite patience and kindness.
  • We understand that children can be worried in a new environment. Using age-appropriate words, introducing each tool and explaining how it works, and proceeding at a comfortable pace, we help kids learn there is nothing to fear about visiting us.
  • We have an open-bay clinic, with benches for parents and dental chairs designed for little bodies. Before we bring your child into the treatment area, we write his or her name on the headrest cover: everyone immediately sees there is a special chair, reserved just for them!
  • We provide lots of useful, practical, and nonjudgmental patient and parent education: talking about nutrition, wellness, and dental hygiene. By establishing positive habits at a young age, we ensure your son or daughter grows up with a healthy smile!

A Unique Practice

A solely pediatric dental practice, we see only children, and the three offices have been designed to be kid-friendly. Our spaces are filled with toys, games, books, and fun décor; we use smaller-scale equipment and tools; and we have the experience and passion to build trust and connections with even the most timid child!

Children’s Dental Care also:

  • Uses a safe and highly effective dental laser for painless care
  • Evaluates for lip and tongue ties and uses the laser to release them
  • Offers comprehensive pediatric dental and orthodontics solutions

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

Choosing a dental home for your child is a big decision. We invite you to schedule a no-pressure, no-charge consultation at one of our three offices, in either Lakeville, Savage or Rosemount, MN.

You and your little one will come in, meet the doctors and our team, and tour the space. We’ll talk about your goals and concerns and discuss how we can help your youngster achieve a lifetime of healthy smiles — and feel good about visiting the dentist!

Please contact us for more information and to schedule your consultation today!

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